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Melanin Medicine was the brain child of our founder, Dominique White. In April of 2020, when the pandemic began, our founder decided to create an organization for other black students who were interested in joining the healthcare field. As a HBCU student and someone who grew up with a strong support system, she realized how important it was to create a space for black professionals and students to inspire and support one another on their journey in the healthcare field. With the creation of this support system, we hope to see a growth in the percentage of black professionals in the healthcare field. With this growth, we hope to see more research done for the black community and diseases that afflict our community. We also hope that this will continue to inspire younger generations to pursue their passions as they would see themselves represented more in this particular field. 

"Have a vision of excellence, a dream of success, and work

like hell." - Dr. Samuel Dubois Cook

Our Mission

The mission of Melanin Medicine is to establish a support system for black students and professionals in the healthcare field and to highlight their work. 

Photo from @medicalmelanin on Instagram
Our Mission
Photo from _medicalmelanin on Instagram

Our Vision

Overall, our goal is to inspire more black students to pursue a career in the healthcare field and help them on their journey in that pursuit. The ways we plan on implementing our goals are by highlighting a variety black professionals in the medical field (doctors, nurses, dentists, etc.), allowing students to get mentored by professionals, hosting annual events and mini events, and having monthly newsletters featuring highlights from the healthcare field. 

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