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Mentorship Program


Our mentorship program serves to connect undergraduate students to black professionals who currently work in fields that the students are pursing. The purpose of the mentorship is to establish a connection between students and professionals, so that they can receive advice on how to be successful on their journeys. It allows the professionals to give back to their community as their advice and support will help guide their mentees. It also allows the students to make proper connections in their preferred field and get a taste of what it would be like to work in their preferred field. If you would like to participate in our mentorship program, either as a mentor or mentee, use the respective links below to join. 

How It Works

Once we receive your form, we will notify you through email to confirm that we've received it. If we have someone who aligns with your responses on the form, then we will notify you and send you an agreement to sign. The agreement details the responsibilities and expectations of both parties involved in the mentorship. Once we receive a signed copy from both mentee and mentor, we will connect you together via email. After the pair has been connected, Melanin Medicine will not be as involved in the process, but will be available to help resolve issues, if there are any. Additionally, at the end of each school year, mentorships will be evaluated by both the mentor and mentee. Upon evaluation, if it it believed that the pair works well together and would like to continue working together, then the mentorship will be renewed.

*It should be noted that applications open once a year, during the summer, so that students will have their mentors before and during the school year. This can be subject to change based on varying circumstances. Space is limited.


Want to Get Involved In Other Ways?

Here are three other ways to get involved


Our Events

Come to our events and participate,

bring a friend, or share the event with friends. 

Shop With Us

By shopping with us, a portion of the proceeds go back to students pursuing a career in healthcare through our scholarship. 

Become A Team Member


with the subject title "Team Member Info".

Include your name, what college you attend/attended, your resume, and 

why you want to join the team.

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