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A Goal Without a Plan is Just a Wish….

We all strive to achieve those ultimate goals we place on our vision board. Whether it’s to get into medical school, nursing school, or even to get that promotion. Ultimate goals are positive, and they motivate us to take action but an ultimate goal without a plan is just a wish…

To stay motivated always remember why you started your journey. And never lose sight of it! Keeping that initial thought will push you to make the extra effort to cross the finish line. You need to make sure you celebrate small victories. Setting SMART goals and surrounding yourself with a good support system.

By focussing too strongly on the ultimate goal you ignore the process that gets you there. This mindset can also encourage the wrong kinds of behaviors. If you only care about losing weight by a certain date, then you won’t see any difference between weight loss habits that are sustainable or a crash diet that’ll move the scale but at the expense of your long-term health.

Lastly, remember that success isn’t linear. It’s those small victories that really add up to big wins. However, success isn’t just about the things that go right. Even our failures have something to teach us. It’s a difficult concept for lots of people to accept, but there’s a way to celebrate or appreciate failures. Success does not happen in a straight line, it twists and turns and dips. When you remember that any great success story comes with its fair share of failures and challenges, it becomes easier to tackle those obstacles with grace and grit.

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